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This page covers guidelines for posting in the forums.

The purpose of the forums

The forums are for Albemarle owners, equipment vendors and guests to engage in boating and other discussions. Boaters may also post to buy and sell boats and boating-related items. 

Courtesy in the forums

PLEASE be on your very best behavior and use the most courtesy possible when posting. This site is meant to be a friendly spot to share boating experiences. The site is to remain a place where our children and grandchildren can visit as well and the atmosphere should reflect that.

One quick note on dealing with dealer or manufacturer problems - this forum is not the place to publicly denounce equipment manufacturers, dealers, service facilities or other boaters. If you have a bad experience, please be very polite when discussing this on the forums.

Any deliberate attacks on a forum member, vendor or guest will be promptly deleted and the poster will be warned. Further poor behavior will result in the offender being denied access to posting in the forums.

Commercial Posts

Relevant posts from manufacturers and vendors are welcomed. It is ok to have a website URL or business information in your profile and/or signature. Please limit commercial posts to those relevant to boating and fishing and post them in the most appropriate forum. Blatant commercial posts that do not pertain to the site will be removed. 

In no cases should any posts refer to pornography, get rich quick schemes or other questionable topics or practices.

Other Prohibited Behavior

This should be a matter of common sense. Absolutely no reference to obscene or pornographic material, ethnic or racial slurs, hatred, or other unsuitable behavior or references.


Edited and deleted posts

The moderators are instructed to delete posts if in doubt. Please do not be offended if a post is edited or removed. The site owner bears the burden in cases where a moderator makes a borderline call. Any complaints can be addressed to Daybreak and all input is appreciated.

Thanks to all for the outstanding support of the site.


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