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This page provides information for advertising your products or services on this website. Please email us if you have specific needs or would like more details and pricing options.

There are basically 3 types of advertising opportunities on the Albemarle Boat Owners Online website. Contact us for availability and pricing.

1. Banner ads on the various pages.

These consist of a 75 x 300 pixel images and accompanying text links. 

Daybreak Web Designs can produce banners or you may have your graphics designer make a banner if you prefer. It should be 75 pixels tall by 300 wide and in .jpg or .gif format.

2. Text links on the forums

The forums are the heart of the website and get the majority of the traffic. At the top of the forum is a header. The header remains constant no matter what post or page within the forum the reader travels to.

Text links in the header would appear in place of the link that that currently says "advertise here". We recommend a simple business name and a couple keywords.
These small links can be tremendously effective and economical. Text links appear in the forum header 100% of the time for the term of the agreement.

3. Vendor Forums

A dedicated vendor forum can be established for businesses relevant to boating.



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